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Please note that as this information is very fluid, the information below is being updated as it comes to us. Some information may have changed since being posted below.

Dane County Emergency Order #10

Dane County Emergency Order #10 with amendment 11/22/2020 - CLICK HERE
Clarification of Order #10 CLICK HERE
What to do if an employees test positive 11-23-2020 CLICK HERE
Updates from Dane County Public Health employee Bonnie Koenig, CLICK HERE to watch

We're All in Grants, Phase 2

Applications open 8 am on Monday, October 19
WEDC will distribute an additional $50 million to small businesses hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic in the second round of We’re All In Small Business Grants, which open for applications Oct. 19. The first phase of the program provided more than $65 million in grants to more than 26,000 businesses statewide this past summer. The new round aims to provide grants of $5,000 each to 10,000 additional Wisconsin small businesses.

To be eligible for the second round of We’re All In Grants, an applicant must:
• be a Wisconsin-based, for-profit business;
• in 2019, have 75% or more of company labor costs in Wisconsin and 75% of their assets in Wisconsin;
• earn more than $0 and less than $1 million in annual revenues (gross sales and receipts);
• have had 1 to 50 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees in 2019;
• have started operating prior to Jan. 1, 2020 (seasonal businesses should use the highest total FTEs employed during the season); and
• have filed their 2019 taxes.

Key Points to Know
• Have your 2019 federal tax return and NAICS ready when applying.
• You MAY apply for Phase 2 if you previously applied for Phase 1 (even if you received a grant in Phase 1)
• These grants are considered taxable income

Applications will be accepted on the Wisconsin Department of Revenue website; CLICK HERE

Slides from NARI PPP loan and CARES Act Webinar 9-30-20

To download, click here

CARES Act Made Changes to Excess Business Losses

To read the full update from SVA - click HERE


As any small business owner knows, the year became marked instead as the year that all of us experienced a global pandemic. Celebrations of many kinds were cancelled, and our world quickly began to look much different than we'd ever seen it. Like everyone, our team felt varying levels of loss over what was not to be.
NARI Member, UW-SBDC talked to countless entrepreneurs over those early months - heard your stories, helping you sort through the uncertainty and confusion of an unstable time, walking with you as you sought to understand funding opportunities, governmental programs and how to support your employees - we saw another way we could help. They wrote this guide to give your business a new foundation when the ground feels shaky.
To download the guide, click HERE
Webinar to go thru the guide, September 25, 2020, 1:00-2:00 PM, to register, click HERE

SVA - COVID-19 and Construction Firms: Proactive Strategies to Transcend the Crisis

To read the full article 8-25-2020, click HERE

Wisconsin Dept of Workforce Development Work-Share Program

Work-Share avoids layoffs, allowing workers to remain employed & employers to retain trained staff during times of reduced business activity. To find out more information, click here

Defering Payroll Taxes

On August 8, President Trump signed four executive actions, including a Presidential Memorandum to defer the employee’s portion of Social Security taxes for some people. These actions were taken in an effort to offer more relief due to the COVID-19 pandemic. click here
click HERE for more resources

Business Reopening Guide

To read the full guide 5-11-2020, click HERE
Emergency Order #36 Interim Order to Turn the Dial 5-13-2020 click HERE
Governor Evers office Announces $75M Grant Program 5-18-2020 click HERE
Forward Dane Plan 5-19-2020, click HERE
OSHA Guidance Plan for Workplaces click here
Re-Open Wisconsin info from the SBDC 4-21-2020, click here
WEDC Construction Guidelines 5-7-2020 click here
Dane County Phase 2 Reopening Update, to read Order #5 from Public Health Madison & Dane County 6-15-2020 click here
Dane County Phase 2 - Order #6 Update 6-25-2020 click here
Dane County Phase 2 - Order #7 Update 7-2-2020 click here
Dane County Phase 2 - Order #8 Update 7-10-2020 click here
ABC Mask Order and Contractors 7-13-2020 click here
Guidance for Worksers 7-13-2020 click here
If an employee tests positive 7-13-2020 click here

IRS Publishes Guidance on Reporting COVID Medical and Sick Leave Wages 7-31-2020 click here

Dane County Small Business Pandemic Support Grant Program

To read about the full program and get the application 5-12-2020 CLICK HERE

NARI Letter to City of Madison, and the Governors' office

To read our letter to the City regarding inspections and permits, click here
Updates from the Building Inspection team at the City of Madison 5-21-2020, click HERE

Badger Bounce Back - Emergency Order #31

To Read the full order 4-21-2020, CLICK HERE

Customizable Safety Flyer

To use this customizable flyer for your workplace 4-16-2020, click HERE

David Lupberger Webinar - Pandemic Survival Guide for Remodelers

To view the entire presentation 4-20-2020, click here

NARI Milwaukee General Business Resources for NARI Members

To read the full newsletter 4-16-2020, click HERE
Pro Remodeler Article click HERE

Options for the Self Employed

If you are an LLC, S-Corp, Ind Contractor, Sole proprietor and do not have employees there are options for reimbursements To find out your options, click here 4-9-2020
US Dept of Labor click here
Wis. Dept of Workforce Development click here
SBA Lenders click here
EIDL Application click here
Wisconsin SBDC Website click here


To read the full order 3-24-2020, click here
CISA Update for Landscapers, click HERE
Landscaper Updates on the Safer at Home Order, click here
Emergency Order 22 on electronic plan submission 4-10-2020 click here
What does the extention of the safer at home order mean to the remodeling induatry 4-20-2020 CLICK HERE


For an initial outline, click HERE
For the CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program
-Updates from vonbriesen & Roperclick HERE
-Info from the US Treasury Department click HERE
-Q&A on the Paycheck Protection Program click HERE
-Paycheck Protection Program Application click HERE
-PPP Borrower Information Fact Sheet click here
For Business Tax Benefits, click HERE
For Individual Tax Benefits, click HERE
UW-Small Business Development Center CARES Act Update click HERE
IRS Employee Retention Credit for more information click HERE


NARI National SBA LOAN Presentation 4-9-2020 click here
-To listen to the full presentation 4-13-2020 click here
SBA Loan Information 4-9-2020 click here
PPP Loan Approved, Now What? 4-14-2020 click HERE
Beware of SBA Loan Scams 4-16-2020 click HERE
PPP Info Sheet 4-21-2020 click here
PPP Info Sheet - US Chamber 4-21-2020 click here
SBA Guidance on the Necessity Certification 5-13-2020 click here
PPP Compliance Considerations for Federal Funding Novices 5-26-2020 click here
PPP Loan Payback and Forgiveness tips from SVA 5-27-20 click here
PPP Loan Forgiveness Application 6-4-20 click here
Key takeaways from PPP Flexibity act. 6-5-2020 click here
Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act 6-5-2020, to read the full Act, click here

HR and Staffing Updates

Protecting Employee Free Choice 4-16-2020 click here
Understanding Changes in Unemployment with COVID-19 4-16-2020 click HERE
Distinctions between layoffs and furloughs 4-21-2020 CLICK HERE

SVA Accounting and Tax Updates

Updates from SVA and information webinars click HERE 4-8-2020

Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) Program

NAHB hosted a webinar that details information on all programs/loan options for business owners. To read the full notes click here

City of Madison Building Inspection

Update from the City of Madison on Building Inspections click here
MABA Information on Permits for Remodeling click here

Dane County Small Business Loans

For more information or to apply click here

Operational Guidelines for Covid-19

Landscape Professionals Operational Guidelines 4-13-20 CLICK HERE

Family First Corona Response Act

To read about this act, click here

DWD Unemployment Updates

For more information on Unemployment click here

General COVID-19 Legal Updates - Including Labor, Business and Tax Info

For more information from vonBriesen & Roper, click here
Commercial and Business Litigation Stemming from COVID-19 4-16-2020 click here

General Accounting and Tax COVID-19 Updates

For more information from Wegner CPAs click HERE

General COVID-19 DHS Updates

For more information, click HERE
Covid-19 Updates 4-13-2020 click here

Slides from March 26 & 27 Webinar with vonBriesen

To read about the specific update for our members, click here


DSPS has an update on department building inspections.
click here to read their statement.
Emergency Order 22 on electronic plan submission 4-10-2020 click here


To find out more information, please click HERE
Ecomonic Injury Forgiveness/Advance click HERE


To find out more information on this program, click HERE


To read the full article from Remodelers Advantage, click HERE


To view all the info from NARI National, Click HERE
Small Business Legal Council Webinar Recap CLICK HERE
-USER: COVID19 Password: Sars-cov-2
The economy in the days of COVID-19 (Webinar notes from April 1, 2020) click here