NARI of Madison, Inc. Strategic Plan

Approved by the Board of Directors, February 9, 2011

Core Values

The Madison Chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry is committed to being:

  • Professional: Ethical and honest, committed to high standards
  • Open: Diverse and respectful; inclusive of many views and dedicated to free expression
  • Progressive: Informed and knowledgeable; resourceful and flexible
  • Member Focused: Focused on the importance of success, return on investment and profit.

Core Purpose

NARI’s core purpose is to advance and promote the remodeling industry’s professionalism, product and vital public purpose.


Societal Goals: The public will have a positive opinion of the ethics and capabilities of remodelers and the remodeling industry and consider remodeling professionals as credible, educated and trained experts in remodeling and related construction projects. Members of the public interested in a remodeling project will be able to select from a pool of ethical, trained experts in the development, management and successful completion of remodeling projects. The decision by a homeowner to begin a remodeling project and engage a remodeling professional will be a positive experience.

Industry Goals: Participants in the construction industry will be aware of, understand and respect the unique skill sets of remodelers as technical professionals within the industry. They will act in a manner consistent with the highest levels of ethical behavior and professionalism. They will understand and manage business challenges to produce superior business results related to profitability, market presence and a productive work force.

Member Company Goals: NARI member companies will represent the successful alignment of owners, employees, suppliers and others active within the remodeling industry working together to achieve their mutual interests. NARI companies will be industry leaders in the quality of workmanship and will enjoy improved business outcomes related to market share, revenue and profitability.

Member Company Participant Goals: Employees will work in professionally run businesses and be respected as professionals with compensation comparable to related industries and professions. Employees will identify NARI member companies as desirable places to work.

NARI Goals: NARI will be considered a unifying voice for the remodeling industry by all parties active in the remodeling industry including the homeowner, craftsperson, and contractor and industry suppliers. NARI will be considered the most credible and ethical source of information on remodeling by consumers, policy makers and the media. NARI will create distinct return on investment for members and enjoy member acquisition and retention rates similar to comparable organizations. A priority of NARI will be to increase membership so that sufficient numbers of member representatives are available to create a critical mass of people in support of the Core Values, Core Purposes, Goals and Strategies of the Association.


The following summarizes key strategies that NARI should pursue to achieve the goals outlined above. Prior to implementation of each strategy, the board should approve a specific business or work plan outlining the objectives, key tasks, responsibilities and deadlines to be developed. In addition, the extent to which each strategy is pursued and the order in which these strategies are pursued will be dependent on the opportunity related to each strategy and consistent with the staff, volunteer and financial resources available for implementation.

Improve Consumer Awareness, Understanding and Support:

  • Use NARI National’s communication program template to promote the use of NARI members through local interaction with the media and related groups.
  • Explore potential alliances with related industry groups for joint marketing or promotion of products or joint market education programs designed to improve consumer awareness of NARI and NARI members. This strategy may also include efforts to improve outreach to housing advocacy organizations.
  • Improve our program to encourage member use of the NARI logo in corporate communications and marketing.
  • Create a media outreach program to train interested members and volunteer leaders on media interaction and how to effectively communicate issues important to the remodeling industry to the media and other relevant constituencies. This strategy will include a program to identify and train NARI members to act as credible spokespeople on remodeling and related construction (green, weather damage, etc.) issues to Madison area media, homeowners associations and other local groups.
  • Continue to provide opportunities and guidance for members participating in the Remodeling Expo and Remodeled Homes Tours.
  • NARI will continue to develop programs that raise awareness of the benefits of using a NARI member (ie, ACE Program).

Communicate Membership Value

NARI will continue to produce and market relevant credentials to the remodeling industry designed to create a consistent level of expertise among participants in construction best practices.

Review governance structure to improve the quality of NARI volunteer leaders at the chapter level and to improve the quality of the volunteer experience. This will include, but not be limited to, a review of volunteer training and orientation, chapter succession planning and accepting national support for local leadership activities.

NARI will research and document the return on investment of NARI membership and how membership in NARI provides benefits to member companies.

NARI will participate in national membership campaigns.

NARI will create a process for developing and providing member company profiles, business environment scanning and other informational resources to national members and interested media.

NARI will create a “Train the Trainer” program designed to improve the ability of volunteer leaders on effective membership and chapter marketing practices.

Improve Government Advocacy

NARI will implement a program to identify and track legislation of interest to the remodeling industry and communicate the impact of this information to NARI members.

NARI will continue to identify and evaluate federal legislation and regulations with a substantive impact on the remodeling industry and act as a unifying voice in the industry to positively impact legislation and regulation on behalf of members.

NARI will interact with relevant industry associations for government advocacy on legislation and regulation with a substantive impact on the remodeling industry.

NARI will create a government outreach program designed to implement chapter driven “lobby days” at the local level and expand NARI’s communication with municipal, count and state policy makers.

NARI will develop public policy initiatives that educate policy makers on the remodeling industry and support consumer oriented housing policies consistent with the Core Values, Core Purpose, Goals and Strategies of NARI.

Improve Workforce Development

NARI will create an educational program targeting vocational instructors and vocational students designed to increase their awareness of opportunities within the remodeling industry and educate these individuals on the attractiveness of remodeling as a career choice.

NARI will implement an outreach program designed to improve the awareness and understanding of career opportunities within the remodeling industry by employees, clients, member companies and others active within the construction industry and encourage their support as a conduit for potential new participants in remodeling.