NARI of Madison, Inc. Committees

We invite all members to get involved in NARI. If you'd like more information or would like to join one of the teams listed below, please contact Kim DiMaggio at or 608.222.0670 .

Standing Committees

Defined in the bylaws (Article VII); may act independent of the board; must include 3 current directors; must take and preserve minutes of meetings. Affected by WI Statutes.

Finance and Audit Committee

The Finance and Audit Committee is appointed by the Board to assist the board in monitoring the integrity of the financial reporting process, systems of internal controls, financial statements, and reports of the organization, the performance of the Organization’s internal audit function, and the compliance by the Organization with legal and regulatory requirements. The committee will also be directly responsible for appointment, compensation and oversight of the Organization’s independent auditor employed by the Organization for the purpose of preparing of issuing audit report or related work (the “Outside Auditor”).


The Nominating Committee is charged with identifying exemplary leaders, promoting and fostering successive leadership, and providing a slate of candidates for the elected positions of NARI of Madison. The committee is also responsible for developing and implementing a leadership training/board training annual event.


Organized to raise the value and relevance of membership for NARI of Madison members to assist staff with organized activities and tasks according to the annual approved Operations Plan and Budget. Led by member; organized by staff.


(Meetings once per month as needed)
The Ethics Team is responsible for reviewing complaints consistent with the NARI Grievance Procedure, and upholding the ethical standards of the association. One member from this team should sit on the National Bylaws & Ethics Committee.

Government Affairs

(Conference calls as needed)
The Government Affairs Team is charged with creating an awareness of the size, importance, nature and issues of the remodeling industry and its constituency, particularly the members of NARI of Madison. The team will recommend a method of establishing a meaningful and effective dialogue with legislative and regulatory bodies on issues and activities that affect the remodeling industry. This may include the monitoring and assessment of NARI’s position on federal, state or local legislation so that the best interests of the remodeling industry are served. One member from this team should sit on the national Government Affairs committee. Team will cooperate with other Wisconsin NARI chapters.

Celebrating Excellence/CotY Awards Committee

(Meetings from May-November once per month)
• Will provide direction, promotion and review of the COTY Celebrating Excellence Event to include a theme, decorations, set up, tear down, assistance at and prior to the event (invitations, registration, logistics) as requested, within the allotted budgets.
• Discuss ways to increase attendance at the event and actively recruit attendees.
• Responsible for a clear definition of each of the current awards and for recommending implementation or discontinuance of categories, as appropriate.
• Establish rules, regulations and procedures for each of the awards and the criteria for judging.
• Review trophy and award design as requested.
• In its meetings, the team shall discuss promotional campaigns for increasing participation and

Membership Committee

(Meetings once per month as needed)
• Recruitment and Retention of Members
• Review dues structure and membership
• Determine categories and ways to increase member engagement.
• Plan membership meetings, topics, locations, speakers, registration, sponsorship, etc.
• Review Membership types

Recreation-Golf Committee

(Meetings from March-July once per month)
• Determine venue for annual golf outing
• Recruit hole sponsors and other sponsorships
• Recruit golfers
• Determine raffle games and prizes and gather items
• Volunteer at event

Recreation-Sporting Clay Committee

(Meetings from July-October once per month)
• Determine venue for Sporting Clay event
• Recruit station sponsors and minor sponsors
• Recruit participants
• Volunteer at event

Tour Committee

(Two meetings per year – one pre tour one post tour)
• Responsible for planning and executing the annual NARI Remodeled Homes Tour with staff within budget
• Promotion of tour to contractors
• Site sales
• Tour Guide Production and promotion

Workforce Development Committee

(Meetings once per month as needed)
• Come up with a plan for immediate career path options in the remodeling industry
• Work with local schools/colleges
• Determine budget/funding needed if applicable
• Research and carry out WFD plan determined by Board

For more information or to join a committee - Contact the office!